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Vegan Tuesday - Meal Plans

About Vegan Tuesday

Previous Entry Vegan Tuesday Aug. 26th, 2008 @ 12:01 pm
At the beginning of every month I start to pull my cookbooks off of their shelves. I begin riffling through the multiple recipes boxes my grandmother gave me and noting the dishes that sound incredibly fantastic. I after I make my list I start to compile the dinner meal plan. Breakfasts and lunch can be spontaneous and exciting, but I try to make dinner family friendly. At least once a week I try to do something different. Sometimes they come out amazingly and find a spot on the permanent list (like Dhal) and sometimes they fail miserably like (gnocchi). Yesterday I had a brilliant idea to implement a vegan menu day in my weekly meal plans. This was inspired by this food_porn post featuring a vegan coconut blueberry pie I may have overcooked my coconut milk, but I am still ridiculously excited to try this pie tonight.

Today vegan menu is:

Breakfast - Cereal with almond milk and fresh blueberries, along with a vegetable scramble composed of bok choy, tomatoes and mushrooms, served in a hot buttered* tortilla.

Lunch - My famous chili adapted from sweetpea_girl's recipe here.

Dinner - Pasta with homemade marinara sauce and of course a coconut blueberry pie for dessert.

*My "butter" of choice is Smart Balance light which is vegan.
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